Generally pricing is done on a time and material basis which depends on your assorted requests. As we offer professional services for your unique production issues, our quotes depend on what is need to be done.

We offer a first free of cost advisory service so we can find out the best solution fitting for your production and purpose together.


> When you are looking for a custom designed plugIn, please get in touch to discuss your detailed specification! We will make the best offer possible fitting your requirements.


Price currency is € EUR

Single Tack Mastering
1st Track 115,00 per piece
2nd Track 85,00 per piece
3rd Track 72,00 per piece
Multiple Track Mastering
If you have more than 5 Tracks to master a fair bundle price is offered!
A testmaster can be done for € 35,00 which are discounted for the 2nd Track.
Forensics 95,00 per hour
Consultation 95,00 per hour
DJ-Intros 80,00 per piece
Remix 375,00 per piece
Additional Mastering Services
Re-Mastering 35,00 per hour
Mastering Supervision 55,00 per hour
Group Mastering 60,00 on top of 1st/2nd/3rd track
Surround Mastering 20,00 on top of 1st/2nd/3rd track

> Please get in touch for detailed quotations!