High-End Sound Quality

Professional music mixing and mastering are the real secrets of successful producers and record labels. Your music deserves a high-end sounding – get the maximum quality for your tunes, mixes or remixes with EP Tunes Labelworks!


We accept multitrack sources, Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live. You should send the files as .rar format with the following specifications:

Bit Resolution:
Please use the highest possible bit resolution for your mix files. 32 bit float / 64 bit fl is the best choice (e.g. Nuendo, Cubase and others) or 24 bits in case of ProTools or Logic.

To use the full advantage of 32 bit resolution during export / rendering / mix down within your DAW please switch off all dithering and limiting, because potential overs will be reflected in the floatingpoint mantissa. This way we can protect the master’s full dynamics as we will get overs back into the representable 24 bit range through normalization. Try it on your own to normalize an overdriven 32 bit float file and you will see what is meant.

If your DAW does NOT support 32 bit float, please use a good brickwall limiter and limit only the very tops of the highest peaks within your stereo sum. As you automatically just use 24 bits when you are within the “representable range of 24 bit” there is no dithering required even if your system works internally in 32 bit float (like almost all DAWs).

Sampling Rate:
44.1 kHz for CD Redbook and all online releases, 48 or 96 kHz for DVD audio for video. Please do not apply sample rate conversions (SRC) on your own and avoid any unnecessary conversions, especially uneven ones, e.g. from 48 kHz to 44,1 kHz or from 96 kHz to 44,1 kHz.

File Formats:
Wave, Aiff, others on request

Please do NOT dither!

Please do NOT fade. Only exception: arranged fades in which different tracks must be faded separately. Fades which have been undertaken prior to dynamics processing tend to have a pumping effect resulting from dynamics processing in mastering.

Beginnings & Endings:
Allow enough time for edits. Please leave at least 500 ms at the start of the recording. This applies especially to tracks which have been mixed on analog consoles. (Required preview running time (predict) / fingerprints for de-noising). Even dynamic processing requires some predict time to process properly without any artifacts.

Compression & Stereo Sum Limiting:
Slight peak limiting is permitted, but please do NOT apply finalizers, maximizers or similar! Average loudness should not exceed –15 dB / RMS. Dynamic Range should be minimum DR12 (depending on genre). Dance and similar styles could come with values up to DR 9 if desired. More dynamic is appreciated as master compression is OUR job.

dr13 dr12 dr11 dr10






Track Labeling:
Please give the song files the correct track number and use the following syntax when sending us our files: ‘09-V1-my song.wav’

V stands for Version and indicates that you are going to deliver the “first round” of mixes. In case you will send an updated or improved mix it will be ‘09-V2-my song.wav’.


Please do NOT send your audio data unpacked. Zip and rar files are the safest way to send your data. If there will be any damage on these files while sending them, there is no way to open these files while unpacked files may contain digital artifacts.

Please also view our research section for individual plugin solutions by .reEto.