.hiB shaver | Transient Manipulation

.hiB shaver Build 0324 The .hiB shaver is based on sourcecode from 2011 using 64bit technology for signal manipulation and transient re-forming. You can use this nice processor for tracks as well, and for some “wake up” to lazy electronic music. I use it for the .hiB progresiviA mix series and mastering retro tracks.


.fin Harmonic | Harmonic Finalizer

.fin Harmonic Build 0324 (for mixing only!) The .finHarmonic is based on an ugly source code from 2008. Its like a mashup of the one and only L1 waves hardware mixed up with a harmonic warmth section. You can use this nice processor for peeks as well, and for filling up some nice glowy warmth …


.newGrader2 | Harmonic Shaping Tool

.newGrader2 (Mono/ Stereo) Build 2211 The .newgrader2 based on sourcecode from 2009. This processor is a very well harmonic sharping correction tool. Its a “must use” for my .hiB series. The sound is very analog smooth & muddy (Stereo Masterbus Version). You can use the boost button for more dry crispy effect. This version works …