We cherish your arts!

EP Tunes Labelworks offers an alternative to the traditional label business model by focussing on high end sound quality for your online music release.


Your music deserves a high-end sounding – get the maximum quality for your tunes, mixes or remixes with EP Tunes Labelworks!

No matter if it is mixing & mastering, compiling of DJ sets, single or album web publication – EP Tunes has the best engineering solutions for each production when it comes to the final master for online release or live presentation.

EP Tunes services are recommended for all musicians in various styles, having a valuable dynamic in sound and/or looking for a 100 percent unique sounding. By setting high value on the music’s dynamic aspect we focus on audio engineering and business consulting.

Our music workarounds are in use of state-of-the-art equipment and by dint of PRO fund engineering knowledge. Our masterminds are experienced in music production and composing since 1985 and in mastering since 1997. Do not miss our Sound Research section, where we are giving up the secret of successful artists how one-of-a-kind sounding is achieved.

EP Tunes Labelworks is based in Hamburg, Germany – and as you know: Music is a world language, so we offer our services to musicians, artists, other labels and also studio owners worldwide.

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Thanks to our artists, partners & engineers – we cherish your arts!